Learning Never Stops

Sales and Marketing Executives (SME) provides sales and marketing leaders in small and mid-sized businesses learning opportunities via the exchange of practical, proven business strategies and tactics.  Our members are responsible for driving revenue in their organization, as well as for developing and implementing practical ideas that generate this growth.

What makes SME different from other organizations where sales and marketing leaders could choose to spend their time?

Continuous Learning.  Members regularly comment on the valuable insights they gain from monthly programs, with content that is fresh and applicable to their business. And it’s something they can implement in their company immediately—no gap. No waiting. Just hit go.

They also cite the knowledge gained from their peers—other leaders experiencing similar challenges who share information and ideas freely—as a critical component of what they gain from the SME experience.

Message from the President

Dear Sales and Marketing Leader,

I am excited to accept the role as President of SME Minnesota in January of 2020.

SME has a long and rich history of providing guidance, education and a peer network to Sale, Marketing and Leadership professionals throughout Minnesota.  I will do my best to uphold this long standing tradition.  I have a passion for individual development and I believe that leaders can never stop developing.  As technology and best practices change in our new business environment, I will push our organization to address these issues and to provide valuable guidance to overcome these market dynamics.  I look forward to our first meeting of the year on January 17th,  and the opportunity to meet all of you.

A little background about my Past and Passion!

I am the Director of Sales at Chemstar Products Company.  I spent the past 27 years working for a local manufacturer of starch-base polymers.

Throughout my tenure I have held a number of roles including:  Customer Service Manager, Procurement/Sourcing Manager, Operations Manager, Assistant Controller, and Inside Sales.

I currently manages four Business Unit Leaders, along with Customer Service; and am part of the Company’s EOS Leadership team and responsible for helping identify the company’s strategic business objectives and aligning resources need to achieve results.

I received a BA in Accounting from Augsburg University and Masters in Business from Hamline University.  And am a certified Sales Leader and a fiver year member of SME.

I excited to run a youth hockey program for kids ages 5-7.  And grateful to be been married to Terri for 21 years, one daughter (Mairenn age:16)  one son (Aedan age: 19)

Jay O’Neill, President of Sales and Marketing Executives of Minnesota