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Ronn Lehmann

Friday, August 28, 2020
7:30 am - 9:00 am

So, you’re enjoying sales success. Congratulations! But guess what? There’s a hazard lurking right around the corner, and it’s called Complacency.

Complacency is a hazard for any salesperson. It’s defined as “selfsatisfaction, especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies.” That’s why complacency is especially hazardous for salespeople who are successful. Why? Because it’s easy and natural to become satisfied with our sales efforts.

But unless we’re diligent, we can fall victim to Complacency…not matter how successful we have been. It’s Sales Entropy: our efforts tend to become naturally disorganized unless we pay attention and put them back in order. No matter how successful you have been, disaster looms if you aren’t paying attention. As stated in every Stock Prospectus, “Past results are no guarantee of future results.”

In my presentation, I’ll share stories and information to provide you with:
– An understanding of the Four Causes of Complacency, as well as common Contributing Factors.
– The ability to spot the Six Important Warning Signs of Complacency.
– Specific Action Steps you can take to avoid Complacency and continue to have success.

Ronn Lehmann is a Speaker, Consultant, and Writer, focusing on the Human Factors that create culture and determine success, especially in the areas of Sales, Quality, Safety, and Productivity.

After 10 years as Senior Writer for Wilson Learning Corporation, Ronn founded his own company, Cool Learning Stuff. He has designed, developed, and delivered learning programs for organizations in the U.S. Europe, and Asia.

Ronn is an adviser to organizations and leaders, helping them to adopt the Mindsets and Behaviors that create success, as well as cultural strategies that support their business strategies. He conducts Cultural Analyses for organizations, and has interviewed thousands of leaders and employees at companies across the United States. These Analyses have provided a wealth of knowledge on what works and doesn’t work in creating a true Culture of Success.

Ronn has spoken to many organizations and associations on the topics of Culture, Leadership, Commitment, Engagement, and the Hazard of Complacency. He has also been a visiting instructor at Century College.

Ronn is the author of “Consulting Confidential”, a satire of “how-to” books and a humorous look at the business of consulting.  He has also contributed to several books by others, including “Even Eagles Need A Push” by David McNally, “Playing To Win” by Larry and Hersch Wilson, “Making the Grass Greener on Your Side” by Ken Melrose, CEO of Toro Corporation, and “Fire Yourself! Reignite Your  Career and Live Your Life” by John Rusciano and Lisa Brezonik.

He makes his home in Golden Valley, Minnesota.


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